24Hr Emergency Service        For Furnaces Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners


Water Heater Flush
• Flush tank out with full water pressure
• Check thermocouple reading (gas systems)
• Pilot drop out test
• Check ohms and amp draws on elements (electric systems)
• Perform leak check
• Clean out flue (gas systems)
• Remove burner and clean burner and pilot assembly (gas systems)
• Re-light and check flame (gas systems)

Instantaneous Water Heater Maintenance
• Test operation of all functions
• Test all timers and controls
• Clean condensate hose
• Remove burner and clean
• Check flame sensor signal
• Inspect heat exchanger for buildup
• Flush with pump and vinegar
• Inspect aerators on taps for restrictions
• Check vent integrity
• Check gas system

EAC Maintenance
• Remove and clean as per manufacturers specifications
• Dry system and reinstall.
• Confirm operations of unit

HRV Maintenance
• Remove core and wash
• Remove and clean filters
• Clean inside of cabinet
• Remove blower and wash
• Inspect dampers
• Test operation on all functions
• Test all timers and controls
• Clean drain hose
• Inspect and clean inlet and exhaust hoods
• Inspect integrity of insulation and piping

Furnace Maintenance – Recommended Annually

• Check integrity of heat exchanger
• Check out all limits
• Clean burners and burner compartment
• Check gas valve and capacitor
• Measure flame sensor output
• Check gas pressure and inlet pressure
• Check manifold pressure in all stages
• Check and adjust flame.
• Monitor temperature rise on all ranges of operation
• Monitor amp draw and current draw

Here are some examples of what we do to ensure your system is not just's working WELL:

Heat Pump Maintenance – Recommended Annually

• Check pressures in heating and cooling
• Measure superheat and sub-cooling and record
• Measure delivered cfm
• Calculate performance of unit
• Check contactor
• Wash down condenser coils
• Ensure correct temperature rise and drop
• Visually inspect indoor coil conditions.

We recommend regular preventative maintenance and here is why;

While the system may be running well at the time, preventative maintenance ensures that your system remains working well and is working at the efficient capacity it was built for.

Think of preventive maintenance in the same way as the preventive maintenance for your car: If you don't change the oil and replace belts and filters, the engine will lock up and the vehicle won't operate. The same holds true for all our home comfort systems.

Don't wait until there is something wrong, call us at 250-881-8108 to book a maintenance appointment to ensure peace of mind.

Island Energy Inc.

Solar Service
• Check glycol levels
• Check pump operation and flow rates
• Inspect solar panels, piping, and framework for wear and leaks
• Test sensors and controls
• Check temperature rise of panels and coils

Fireplace Maintenance – Recommended Annually
• Clean glass
• Remove and dust logs and burners
• Clean pilot assembly where possible
• Test power pile
• Test sensors, limits, and controls
• Check for thermostat control
• Test thermocouple
• Pilot drop out test
• Gas pressure test
• Check and adjust flame if needed

Boiler Maintenance
• Clean and inspect heat exchanger
• Leak check all pumps
• Check amp draw on all pumps, inducer motors and power ventors etc.
• Check limits, operators, safeties, roll out switches, flow switches etc.
• Check expansion tank pressure
• Check zone valves operation
• Check thermostats
• Remove burner and clean
• Clean flame sensor
• Remove and clean pilot assembly
• Perform pilot drop out test
• Check gas inlet pressure and manifold pressure
• Inspect manifolds and piping integrity
• Check system pressure