You may have just converted your home to gas or your home has been fitted for a while. Either way, taking advantage of natural gas with a gas furnace is the best decision you can make. Quality gas furnaces are up to 96% efficient and offer an even heating system throughout your home. You will quickly notice the difference in your home and on your heating bills. Call Island Energy today and let us help your learn about consistent heating when you need it most. 

Electric Furnace


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An electric furnace runs using electricity as its main power source to both generate heat and push the air through the central heating system. In some cases, especially where there is a lack of natural gas infrastructure or where it does not get very cold, it is a convenient option.

The electric furnace works by using electricity to heat elements inside the furnace structure. A fan then draws cold air from intakes and forces it past the heating elements, which heat the air and send it into the home. The process is very similar to the way a forced-air space heater may heat a room.

Gas Furnace